Monday, June 27, 2005

Sleep With One Eye Open

High time, I think, for my first ever attempt at Catblogging. This is a Siamese cat (traditional "Applehead" style) who passed away about five years ago. He bonded with my wife and was deathly afraid of me. This picture was taken about nine years ago, not long after we moved into the house, and before we pulled up the sweaty, tobacco-drenched carpet bequeathed to us by the previous owners.

The cat, on the other hand, came with us. By this time he had learned to fear me, and not without justification. I rarely saw him lying around unguarded. The shiny golden disc that you see in this picture is his right eye. Not even his feline penchant for frequent naps at all hours of the day kept him from his watch.

Eventually he came to be at peace with me, even going so far as to approach me and let me hold and pet him. This occurred within a year before his death. I suspect that he mystically foresaw him imminent demise and wished to make amends with those who had suffered his wrath in times past.

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