Sunday, July 10, 2005

Blogging Is Bad For You

An Associated Press article appear in this morning's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette explains why maintaining a weblog can be a risky venture.

Blogs are everywhere -- increasingly, the place where young people go to bare their souls, to vent, to gossip. And often they do so with unabashed fervor and little self-editing, posting their innermost thoughts for any number of Web surfers to see.
The key words in this introductory paragraph are "young people". The rest of the piece goes on to talk about blogging as a phenomenon of youth culture. Aside from two very brief, almost throw-away mentions of adult blogging, the emphasis is on how things posted in blogs can come back to haunt kids in a few years when they are trying to cope with grown-up responsibilities.

There are some cautionary anecdotes about kids who have gotten in trouble for blogging, or who are risking their political careers by blogging, or who risk losing the trust of their parents by blogging. And it's all because they want to make their presence felt on the internet. (Critics of heavy metal guitar solos would call it "masturbating in public".)

Kids these days -- they just don't appreciate the value of anonymity!

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