Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Explosions In the Tree Tops

One of the nice things about living where I do is that my local community really goes all out to make the Fourth of July special. A Community Day in the Borough Park lasts from early morning to late evening, and is capped with one of the better municipal fireworks displays south of the city of Pittsburgh. Locals spread towels, unfolded low-lying lounge chairs, or just plop their butts down in the grass on the park's sprawling hillside in order to relax and enjoy the colorful sky show. The fireworks are easily visible above the hillside trees that separate the little league ballfields from the municipal swimming pool at the bottom of the slope.

Well, they were until last night.

While waiting for the BIG show to begin, those of us in the audience watched in awe as neighboring communities put on impressive fireworks displays visible just over the horizon, and looked on with growing concern as colorful -- and illegal -- displays sprouted from back yards within five blocks of the borough's. When the long-awaited display finally commenced, we all ooohed and aaaahed as colorful bursts popped just above the trees. It was a nice start, but we really wanted was for the sky overhead to be filled as it had been in past years.

So we waited.

And waited.

Where was the show? That was the most disappointing fireworks display that I have seen since I moved into this community. All we got were bursts of light and color barely visible above the tops of the trees. This must have been a really impressive show for the folks situated down by the pool. Or in the parking lot of the drug store across the street. But NOT for those of us camped out on the big lawn. Concurrently, a nearby community held a fireworks show on the other side of a distant hill. Guess which display was easier to see from my vantage point?

Next year, I'm packing up the family and taking a drive somewhere to watch a decent fireworks display.

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