Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Filius Libertas

So, this morning, I casually drop by Fraters Libertas to read about the latest antics of Minnesota's surprisingly responsible gang of drunken frat boys. Whilst briskly scanning my way through a post about a Fraters internship program, I did a double take. (Which looks really weird when you're sitting in front of a computer.) Did I see what I thought I saw? Has Chad the Elder gone the way of Nick Coleman?

He certainly has...he's become a DADDY. A Pater Libertas. To a child named Nathaniel. Could this be the beginning of a new Fraters satellite blog, Filius Libertas featuring Nat the Younger?

Whatever happens, congratulations to Chad and his wife Beth. Even though, after four kids of my own, "congratulations" seems more like a curse than a blessing, but I wish them all the best nevertheless!

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