Saturday, July 02, 2005

For Those Who Enjoy Dry Wit

A few weeks ago, I attempted to hone my fisking skills by jumping all over an article proclaiming admiration for one Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Knight. I had never heard of the author, Mary Beth Ellis, and figured that I would have some fun treating what was obviously not a serious piece of writing as though it were an honest heartfelt confession of love for a fictional character. Upon completion of my commentary, I clicked the "Publish Post" button and went on my merry way.

Not once did I stop to consider the possibility that Mary Beth Ellis herself would Google her way to my site and read my somewhat insulting take on what is actually an amusing little composition. I believe I used the term "flake journalist" to refer to her, and I called her article "crap".

"Crap" is exactly what I feel like right now. She did not request a vial of my blood. In fact, she invited me to take a look at her blog, Blonde Champagne. It's very good. I like it a lot. And that makes me feel even worse. Instead of making fun of her, I should have been linking to her. There is a link to Blonde Champagne at the end of her Obi-Wan article. How on Earth did I miss that?

And here's something that I learned whilst checking out MBE's site: Do not assume that you know everything about a writer just because he/she/it is published by a mainstream media outlet. I was expecting an outraged graduate of the Nick Coleman School of Journalism. I was wrong again! If you check out her posts from the first week of November 2004, you find that her credentials are, if you'll pardon the term, unimpeachable.

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