Thursday, July 14, 2005

It's Nice To Be Noticed

Okay, I admit it. I am a Site Meter junkie. Not that I get much out of it -- I get maybe less than ten hits per day that didn't originate with me. But it is nice to know that someone else is out there watching me.

I had a visit from someone in the UK today who stayed for all of seconds, according to Site Meter. (That's more time than millions of other people on the planet spend here.) This Britisher is obviously very upset about what happened on the subway in London last week. He/she/it was searching on the words "tanweer" (one of the bombers) and "arsehole" (a slightly less rude English word for you-know-what). I was the first of two hits on that combo. Only two? After what happened, I would have thought there would be thousands.

Speaking of arseholes, I am also thrilled and flattered that I have been blogrolled by someone who is perhaps the only blogger who admits to keeping his covered in more than just underwear. (A rarity in the blogosphere, so I hear.) Welcome to anyone who scrolled down the right side of NIGP and accidentally clicked on this link to get here. Enjoy your stay. Give me a hard time if I don't keep it interesting.

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