Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A Non-Apology: Was Knoll Lying Then Or Is She Lying Now?

The fallout over Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll's abominable funeral crashing offense continues as she has issued some kind of apology for her behavior at the funeral of Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich last week. The Pittsburgh Post Gazette tells us:

Her appearance, and an article about it in Saturday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, generated an outpouring of letters, e-mail messages and Web log entries from around the country ("Lt. gov. crashed Marine's funeral, kin say," July 23).
No kidding. The number of hits on my blog has skyrocketed over the last four days, all because of this ghoulish hag. It's hard to find a milblog or a right-leaning blog that hasn't had something to say about this, and everyone seems to be unified in our opinion of Knoll. To put it politely, she is a disgrace and she needs to go NOW.

True to form, the PG tries to spin things in such a way as to make Knoll look like less of a scumbag than she actually is:

Writers were angry about Knoll showing up at the funeral in Carnegie of Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, who was killed in action in Iraq July 10. She handed out a business card, appeared to a relative of the soldier to be campaigning and made a puzzling remark that was interpreted as criticism of the U.S. military action in Iraq.
There is no need for interpretation of her "puzzling remark". She plainly stated that the Rendell administration is against America's war against international terrorism. Rendell and Baker have taken sides. They are not with us; they are against us. How hard is that to figure out?

Now let's look at the "apology":

Knoll yesterday wrote to Amy Goodrich, widow of Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, saying she was "incredibly upset" after learning through press reports that the Goodrich family was offended by her actions.

"I wanted to assure you once again that my intention was not to add to what must be a tremendously heartbreaking, difficult period," Knoll wrote. "I have attended dozens of funerals to offer my sympathy and condolences to the families of soldiers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice."

Knoll said she offered a business card to a Goodrich family member "as a sign of my willingness to help the family through this difficult time in any way I can. To do anything that was deemed insensitive was completely counter to my intent."

Knoll said that Sgt. Goodrich's military service "was beyond the call of duty. If my regard for his family's grief was seen another way, it is thoroughly regrettable. The fact that you have been offended deserves and receives my most profound apology."

Now let's see...she was upset, she's been to military funerals before, she just wanted to help, she didn't mean to be insensitive. Lots of explaining going on there. How about the apology?

The way that she phrases it, the family is at fault for misinterpreting Knoll's intentions. "Sorry you feel that way, but you're wrong." She is apologizing because she offended the family, but not for the content of her words. This is what is commonly called a "non-apology".

Ah, there's more:

According to Rhonda Goodrich, Knoll told the family that "our government" is against the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Not so, Knoll insisted. "I will continue to support our troops in my role as lieutenant governor and support our president as an American," she wrote. "That I somehow conveyed an impression that was interpreted as other than that will forever be saddening and upsetting to me."

Rendell emphasized that his administration has no official position on the fighting, beyond showing support for U.S. troops.

"We join with every Pennsylvanian in supporting our young men and women who are fighting this global war on terrorism," he said.

So either Knoll was lying, or Rhonda Goodrich was lying. It certainly sounds like Knoll was calling Goodrich a liar. And if, as seems plainly obvious, Goodrich was telling the truth, then Knoll was either lying about the Rendell administration opposing the war, or she and Rendell are lying now about supporting the war.

And she still puts the blame on the Goodrich family for allegedly misinterpreting her remarks!

The PG also tries to discredit Rhonda Goodrich by pointing to her past political activities, which include protesting Michael Moore and being a registered Republican.

Rhonda Goodrich said she had no political motive in raising concerns about Democrat Knoll's appearance and statements at the funeral.

Goodrich said she's a registered Republican but added, "If [Republican U.S. Sen.] Rick Santorum or President Bush had showed up, I would be all over them, too."

Santorum and Bush don't do this sort of thing because they understand that the focus of a funeral should be on the deceased, not on a publicity seeking public figure. Remember that the next time some outraged Moonbat criticizes the President for not attending military funerals.

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El Cid said...

Rhonda may not be so innocent.

She is an vocal critic of the Rendell administration (her husband works for the State Police), and writes quite a few letters to the editor where she denounces Democrats and liberals in general.

If the credibility of Rhonda is at issue let's examine her actions: she runs to the media to denouce CBK, and claims that CBK used the phrase "THIS ADMINISTRATION is opposed to the war" and not "I am opposed to the war" immediately raises red flags. Rhonda hates the Rendell administration, hates Michael Moore for opposing the war, and is now using her brother-in-law's funeral as a chance to bash people she already has a great deal of animosity for.

Shame on you, Rhonda, for using a war hero (and relative) to make petty political points. She is just as bad as CBK in this matter.