Thursday, July 21, 2005

The President Must Be Shaking In His Boots

The streets of Pittsburgh are rampant with outrage and fear over the President's nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice:

About 15 people gathered outside the Federal Building, Downtown, yesterday afternoon to protest the nomination of U.S. Appeals Court Judge John G. Roberts to the U.S. Supreme Court.
Whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Back up a minute here. 15 people in front of the Federal Building in Pittsburgh? Yeah, that's going to scare the pants off of everyone in the White House. President Bush might even fire the entire administration and turn the reins of government over to Dick Durbin and Pat Leahy.

Fifteen freakin' losers. Good grief. Can you say "day job"? Neither can they. Who are these fifteen buttheads, anyway?
Kimberlee Evert, president and chief executive of Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania, said her organization will send a letter to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Arlen Specter, R-Pa., whose panel will conduct confirmation hearings for Roberts, asking for a "thoughtful, deliberative process."
Planned Parenthood...Arlen Specter. All of a sudden, I am thinking of an eight-letter word that sounds like a compound of "abhor" and "shun". Appropriately enough.

Who else was out there?
Al Ross, 25, a postal worker who lives on the South Side, held a large sign that simply stated, "Choice." He elaborated: "I'm a big supporter of progressive men supporting women's rights. When women's rights are rolled back today, all our rights will be rolled back tomorrow."
This guy is far too young to have been working at the post office during the "shoot 'em up" glory days of gun violence at the stamp window, so I will refrain from making and snide comments about him flipping out and killing people. However, I will say that I never saw any mail at my house yesterday. Therefore, one of three things must be true: (1) My wife put the mail where I can't find it; (2) There just wasn't any mail for me anyway; or (3) This guy is my neighborhood mailman and decided to blow off the route because he expects to be locked up in a concentration camp any day now.

Also, please note his use of the word "progressive", as often used by young communists. In this context, it generally means "progressively stupid".

No mention of the other thirteen protestors' names in the paper. The PG wasted more ink quoting these dimbulbs than it would have listing their names.

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