Tuesday, July 19, 2005

To Nuke Or Not To Nuke, That Is My Position

Since, as I explained in my last post, the inability of my left lens to agree with my right lens has made it difficult to blog, I though I might take a look at the hot issue of the day and see what kind of conclusion I can draw from it. Form an opinion, if you will.

This morning, I read LaShawn Barber's post about Congressman Tom Tancredo's stunning statement that Mecca is a prime target for a retaliatory nuclear strike in the event of a similar attack on U.S. soil. People Left and Right are condemning him and demanding an apology for his remarks. LaShawn applauds him for refusing to apologize. She's right! Tough times call for tough statements, and tough statements should be made unapologetically. The suggestion that we could, under any circumstances, nuke the most sacred site of a major religion is not pleasant, but it is "reality based". Good on LaShawn Barber and Congressman Tancredo.

Then, this afternoon, I read three separate posts from Mitch Berg on Tancredo's remarks. Mitch feels that the Congressman spoke irresponsibly about something that could harm relations with millions of people who presently have no quarrel with us. Words, like actions, have consequences. Mitch is the voice of reason in this debate. Good on you, Mitch!

So LaShawn and Mitch are both correct, even though they completely disagree on this matter. Sorry, but I can't make up my mind on this. My left lens and right lens just don't agree.

What I do know is that the United States of America have a plan for warring against any country in the world. This is not because the US expects to have to fight every country in the world, but because anything could happen at any time. We even have plans in the event of war with Canada, however unlikely that may be. With the War On Terror taking place, the thought of nuking Mecca is not far-fetched at all. The thought, I say. Actually doing it is another thing altogether. But it is impolitic for an officeholder or a candidate to discuss it in public at this point in time.


Doug said...

I'll play tie-breaker.

Mitch is right. LaShawn has gone temporarily nuts.

"Islam" is not a nation state. Adjust your tactical thinking.

Nicko McDave said...

Thank you, Doug.

Although Islam is not a nation state, Saudi Arabia is, and as one of "every country in the world" it is as target-rich as anyone else.

Still, if a state of war ever did exist between Saudi and America, I doubt that Mecca would be the first place that we would hit. In all likelihood, it would become a refugee center and a hospital town, as Dresden was in WWII. I doubt that coalition forces would hit Mecca the way that the Allies hit Dresden. We don't do that sort of thing anymore.

In any event, this is all very speculative, and I doubt that the Saudis would do anything to instigate a war with us. If al-Qaeda overthrew the monarchy and seized control of the country, well, then all bets are off.