Friday, July 22, 2005

Vacation Choices

Decisions, decisions. What's a weary traveler to do?

I was planning to attend Trivia Night at Keegan's Pub in Minneapolis on Thursday, August 4. But then I found out about something that will be taking place a little closer to "home" that same evening:

Adnan Alkaissy, better known as professional wrestling's General Adnan, discusses and signs his new book. The Sheikh of Baghdad is the true story of one man's journey across two continents to find his place in the world. Finally, it is a story about a man, who wants nothing more than to go home to a free and democratic Iraq and finally introduce his new family to his old one.
Yeah, this is going to go over well with all of the Saddam Hussein fans in the Twin Cities.

When I was about nine years old, I watched "General Adnan" wrestle on television. Only he wasn't called Adnan anything then. He wore a feathered bonnet and called himself "Billy White Wolf", tag team partner to the legendary Chief Jay Strongbow. I guess someone from another country really can come to America and become anything.

Strongbow's real name, BTW, is Joe Scarpa. You just can't imagine how disillusioned I was twenty-five years after seeing these Indian Chiefs on TV and finding out that they were really an Arab and an Italian. At least Wahoo McDaniel was the real thing!

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