Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Visit To Kobol

The PG's TV man Rob Owen visited the set of Battlestar Galactica in Vancouver, BC to talk to producer Ron Moore and cast members. This article is getting me pumped. As much as I liked the old show, I am even more excited about the new program.

Some of the spoiler information on upcoming episodes that has been posted at various web sites gives me chills, quite frankly. Especially one called "The Farm". Where is this farm, who are the farmers, and what are they harvesting? The answer is disturbing, yet makes perfect sense in the context of the development of the series thus far.

The Cylons thus far have not been shown to have a single, unifying leader. Vague references to "God" mark the bots as being some kind of monotheists, but is this a god of the spirit, or some kind of centralized machine that controls the development of the Cylon race? This intrigues me, and I hope that the series has a good long run before getting to the point where an explanation is made. The Cylon belief system did not exist when they parted ways with the humans.

Five more days until the season premiere. This ought to be good.

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