Wednesday, July 06, 2005

When Angry Democrats Collide

The collision of a space probe into a comet the other day was pretty impressive. It's kind of fun to watch when politicians do it to one another, too, even if the collision only takes place in the media or in a court of law.

Pittsburgh Councilman Jim Motznik on Tuesday sued his opponent in May's Democratic primary for defamation and libel, alleging Anthony Coghill lied during the campaign when he accused Motznik of spending taxpayers' money to pave the driveway of a city school board member.
This thing has "dangerous precedent" written all over it. Politicians make nasty accusations in every political campaign, many untrue or unprovable. Can you imagine John Kerry and George Bush suing one another after last year's election? They would be in court for years.
Fliers mailed out by Coghill's election committee to more than 8,000 voters in the 4th District were "filled with lies and untruths," Motznik said at a news conference yesterday.
And this is different from every other political campaign in what way?
Official Allegheny County election results show Motznik, 42, edged out Coghill, 39, by 272 votes, or 4 percent of nearly 7,000 votes cast in the two-way race.
Two words: Sore Winner.
One flier accuses Motznik and state Rep. Michael Diven, R-Brookline, of asking the city to give Pittsburgh Public Schools board member Dan Romaniello a "free illegal driveway" for his Brookline house. A second flier says Motznik and Diven used Romaniello's home as a campaign office.
Those three words in quotes crack me up. It sounds like something you win at a Gangster's Bingo. "G-5." "Bingo!" "Congratulations! You have won a free illegal driveway!"
"We believe that my opponent and his committee sent this piece of literature out knowing it was inaccurate," Motznik said. "There has to be a line drawn. When you put out a piece of literature that contains lies and false statements about somebody, they need to be held accountable if they're running for office."
This guy won the primary, he has about a zero percent chance of losing in November, and he still finds something to complain about. Questionable campaign literature is commonplace. Perhaps you won this race because enough voters were turned off by your opponent's negativity. So you go ahead and sue him. Criminy.
The lawsuit names as defendants Coghill, his committee, his mother, Catherine Coghill, and campaign treasurer Lisa R. Orlando. It asks for $25,000 for damaging Motznik's "good name, his credit, his personal and professional reputation and his feelings."
He is suing because someone hurt his feelings. Did this guy ever get past Kindergarten? This is how my younger kids act when things don't go their way.

Being a successful Democratic politician means never having to grow up.

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LocuTus of Borg said...

Oh my hell we never do learn to grow up do we? Let's see I think that I would rather spend my tax dollars on sending more probes to collide with comets than support the antics of a cry-baby. Sore winner indeed!