Monday, August 22, 2005

Damn Demmycrats!

They're still out there, and as clueless as ever.

Last night, driving home, I was right around the block from my house and about to make a left turn. An oncoming car was making a right turn down the same street that I was waiting to turn into. Once the other car went into its turn, I proceeded to make my move. Then, just as I was about to clear the intersection, that car stopped in front of me, went into reverse, and started to back up. Having nowhere to go, I leaned down hard on the horn and got the other guy to stop before he rammed into me. I took him a moment to figure that I was going to stay there until he got out of my way.

The only thing that bugged me more than the other driver's foolish and inexplicable attempt to back out of the street was the little blue bumper sticker that came clearly into view once his back up light were on: "John Kerry for President". Dude, it's been nine months. Almost ten. Get over it, already.

Besides, you've just given me the impression that John Kerry supporters, and Democrats in general, are as incompetent and demented in driving as they are in everything else they do. All with one stupid driving maneuver.

This is why I never put bumper stickers on my car.


Honnistaibe said...

If they come off at all they pull surface paint/chrome off with them.
This morning I saw a member of our local constabulary had pulled over a car on a residential street near my home (actually an unusual event where I live). Ordinary car except for the "Kerry/Edwards" sticker. I couldn't help wondering...

Nicko McDave said...

That sounds like the article I read in The Onion several years ago. Police were pulling over cars with Led Zeppelin bumper stickers and searching cars for drugs.

Yes, I was fooled. It was the first time I had ever encountered The Onion.