Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Fast Food Culture

Drive-through restaurants just seem to be becoming more and more a part of our lives, even to the point of hosting major life events. Last month, there was the baby born in a Burger King parking lot. Now a couple has gotten married at the drive-through window of the McDonald's where they first met. A touching story, really. She worked the window where he dropped by for lunch at the same time every day. He didn't care that much about the food and she didn't care much about anything other than him. So it was only natural that they someday marry at the very spot that the relationship began. Regrettably, the judge who performed the wedding did not dress up as Ronald McDonald. They wouldn't want it to look silly, after all.

Here's a thought: If they had gotten married at a Hardee's, Paris Hilton might have washed their car. But then the marriage wouldn't have lasted until the car got to the curb.

I'd expect the next story to be that some couple conceives a child at a fast food restaurant, either in the building or out in the parking lot. But that wouldn't be news because it's probably happened hundreds if not thousands of times already.

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