Monday, August 22, 2005

The Iron Maiden Report

Disappointed am I that Learned Foot has had nothing to say on the subject of Iron Maiden since we had the first meeting of the IMOB at Keegan's earlier this month. While he wastes his time with some football team that no one cheers for and some radio station that no one listens to, the Foot has not made a single mention of the conflagration that has erupted between Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson and Ozzfest dictatoress Sharon Osbourne.

He may not have wanted to go see them when they were in Minnesota, but I bet he wishes he had been in attendance in California the other day.

If Bruce ever does get his own blog, he would have some interesting things to say about Sharon Osbourne.

1 comment:

LearnedFoot said...

I hadn't heard about that.

But funny you should mention it: I will reveal later today another thing IM can teach us.