Friday, August 12, 2005

Just Let Me Die Alone and Forgotten

The Chief at Freedom Dogs links to Cindy Sheehan's open letter to President Bush in which she uses the death of her son in the Iraq war to blame everything that is wrong in her life, in the United States, and in the entire world on the Commander In Chief. The content of the letter could take days to pick apart, analyze, and fisk, yet Chief declines the opportunity to do so. I don't blame him.

While reading the Sheehan letter, I felt a twinge of embarrassment. Not for her, or for the President, but for myself. If I were to die in circumstances that could somehow be blamed on politicians or the government, no matter which party is in power, I would roll over in my grave. I do not want my death to be politicized in any way, shape or form. Just let me die, and get on with your lives.

The best way for me to avoid any kind of potential brouhaha over my demise would be for me, at some point, to withdraw from society and live out my remaining days as a hermit in a cave on a cliff. Grow my hair and beard down to my ankles, eat bugs and weeds, whatever. If I die old, alone and forgotten, I won't have to be pestered by annoying relatives with all of the moaning and crying. That's the happiest death that I can imagine -- especially if I get to outlive all of my enemies. Heh heh.

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