Thursday, August 18, 2005

MOBBED in Minneapolis

It has been two weeks since my visit to Keegan's Pub, and I am still in shock. Here's an admission: These Minnesota bloggers are to me what Hollywood celebrities are to movie fanatics. When I stepped out onto the patio, I recognized several faces from the photographs of various MOB gatherings that have been posted on several blogs over the past year. "Wow", I thought, "half of my blogroll is sitting right here, live and in person". Imagine going to a party in Beverly Hills and seeing all of the top movie stars just sort of hanging around and having a good time. That was how I felt.

When I arrived at Keegan's (about one hour early so I wouldn't miss anything), I plopped myself down at the bar and got started drinking. (Drink early, leave late, that's the way to do it.) Not realizing that people could come and go via the patio, I parked myself at a barstool near the front entrance and watched every single person who entered the establishment. Not a familiar face passed through those doors.

Stepping out back, I came face to face with Mitch Berg. I immediately introduced myself and within seconds I had received introductions to just about everyone on the patio. It wasn't hard to figure out why James Lileks described him as a "painfully polite man". I can't tell you the last time I was made to feel so welcome so soon after stepping over a threshold. Mitch could make a career out of selling his services as a host and emcee.

Among those whom I had the pleasure of meeting were Craig Westover from the Pioneer Press, David and Margaret from Our House, Doug from Bogus Gold, Learned Foot and V-Toed Bill from The Kool Aid Report, Sisyphus In Golf Pants, Jo and Marcus Aurelius (formerly) of Jo's Attic, Triple-A from Residual Forces, Tiger Lily from The MAWB Squad and a few others whose names escape me. If anyone can refresh me as to who else was there that night, I will gladly add them to my blog roll.

Disappointed was I not to be able to meet a few others who were not in attendance that evening. I was especially hoping to meet Sandy, the leader of the MAWB Squad, who lives out in Wisconsin, and St. Kate, who had promised to buy me a beer but was not in attendance. She's a busy mother, so I will cut her some slack, but I am holding her to the offer of a beer!

The Fraters were also absent. That was a let down, since they were the ones who basically made Trivia Night a blogger gathering.

I hope to make it back up there sometime next year. Thanks to everyone for being such great people in addition to being such excellent bloggers. Don't let the Moonbats get you down.

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