Monday, August 01, 2005

Nice Place To Visit, But I Wouldn't Want To Get Picked Up There

Speaking of token conservatives at leftist newspapers (as I did in my last post), the Post-Gazette's Ruth Ann Dailey opines on the deplorable state of contemporary fashions in her latest column, which includes this fascinating tidbit:

...the hookers who troll for work in my neighborhood dress more modestly than today's typical teen.
That revelation is worth a "yowza" or two. I don't know where RAD lives, but she doesn't seem like the sort of lady who would live in that kind of neighborhood, unless she is talking about the local politicians soliciting votes around election time.

The rest of the column is a good commentary on the immodest dress of youths in today's culture. There is something missing, though. Let's pick it up from this sentence:

Some days I think that if I have to look at another bare female abdomen anywhere besides the swimming pool I will scream.
Hold on...I'm getting a mental image of RAD screaming while trapped amidst a crowd of "belly girls". Hah. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

There is another side to the bare abdomen craze, not to mention the bare shoulder, bare thigh, ankle, etc., and that is the proliferation of tattoos on various exposed areas of skin on a lot of young people. It's a good thing that I'm old and married, because "sexy" girls really gross me out these days. There is no better on/off switch than an attractive young woman with a smooth flat tummy who turns around and reveals some hideous piece of art permanently etched into her epidermis. I work around a college campus, so I see a lot of 20 year olds walking around, and it's not unusual to spot at least a couple of tattoos on the girls who have more skin exposed than covered.

A discussion of tattoos might have been a bit off the subject for Ruth Ann Dailey, or may have made her article too long. Another possibility is that she herself is a tattooed lady, and that she prefers to keep the "artwork" covered in mixed company. Someone who lives in a neighborhood full of hookers must be no stranger to the local tattoo parlors.

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Honnistaibe said...

Prior to the coming of middle age to "Cher" the concept of a girl getting a tatoo was considered by psychologists at best as "extremely self destructive behavior".
It certainly was the quickest way a young woman could assure herself she would never have ever to marry "the Country Club".