Saturday, August 13, 2005

No Thanks, I'd Rather Go To Keegan's

When I visited Keegan's for the weekly blogger get-together in Minneapolis last week, someone asked me if there is anything similar to the Northern Alliance or the Minnesota Organization of Blogs back in Western Pennsylvania. As it turns out, there is a local blog aggregator whose members get together every once in a while. It's very informal, even less so than the MOB, and unlike the MOB, there is no defining political ideology to which the members of the group adhere. However, based on what I have seen at the aggregator, most of the locals who opine on current events lean way to the left. Frankly, I'm not interested in something that loosely defined, no matter how welcome I may be made to feel.

I'd rather join up with a right-leaning bunch who meet once a week to socialize and say things like "Moonbats!" without fear of offending anyone present. If that means eventually moving to Minnesota for good, well, Que sera sera.


Triple_a said...

You'd be welcome anytime.

Sandy said...

Officially the MOB is nonpartisan, though it's hard to deny the forces of right blogging in MN with heavy hitters like the Captain and the Powerline crew. (The theory is that we've all had to speak out coming from such a lefty enviroment.)

Of course, we'd be happy to have you relocate to the heartland anytime.