Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pittsburgh's Little Touch of Cuba Goes To Texas

A high-profile local lefty has gone to Crawford, Texas, in support of psycho-mom mega-tool Cindy Sheehan's publicity fest against President Bush. State Senator Jim Ferlo, who made his mark as an outspoken pro-Communist Pittsburgh City Councilman many years ago, tells the Post-Gazette that "I just want this individual mom to realize there are people out there who support her". Perhaps he is bringing a special message from Saddam Hussein. He must be one of her biggest fans, since he lost both of his sons (Udai and Qusai) in the war.

If Ferlo were my State Senator, I might be a little annoyed that he's not back at home doing what he was elected to do. On the other hand, if he were my Senator, I would want him to stay as far away from Harrisburg as possible.

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