Thursday, August 11, 2005

Sights and Sounds of Deathly Terror

When I was on vacation last week, I took my sons for a walk through the neighborhood where I was quartered. At one point, I stepped over something on the sidewalk that appeared to be a face, artistically rendered in dirt on concrete. Regretfully I did not have my camera with me or I would have snapped a photo. As I walked away, memories of a favorite book from my early adolescence flooded my mind.

Strange Stories, Amazing Facts was a Reader's Digest publication from 1981. My parents subscribed to the magazine and the most interesting books were advertised in the back pages. SSAF sounded right up my alley, so naturally I had to have a copy. The book is an original anthology of the most amazing articles on a wide variety of weird topics.

One short photo essay gave me an acute case of the willies: "Ghost Faces On the Kitchen Floor". Several years earlier, in the Spanish village of Belmez, a series of mysterious faces appeared on the floor of a house. There was no rational explanation for it; paranormal investigators have conducted repeated tests over the years but no definitive conclusion has been reached as to who these faces were or why they chose this house to make their presence known. Sensitive microphones have picked up faint voices that seem to be responding to questions and comments made by the investigators and by the residents of the village, yet these have been vague at best. The house, if not the entire village, was built on the site of what was once a graveyard. Could the souls of the dead be trying to communicate messages to the living? Who knows?

The story of the Belmez faces makes me wonder: Was the face on the sidewalk in Saint Paul, Minnesota, lovingly rendered in dirt on concrete by a talented street artist? Or was it something supernatural? I did not stick around long enough to find out, and frankly I am not sure that I want to know.

(Click here for some good pictures of the Faces of Belmez.)

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