Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Things You Miss When You're Out of Town

How could I not have heard about this? Senator Rick Santorum appeared at my former place of employment for a book signing while I was on vacation in Minnesota for my tenth wedding anniversary. I wouldn't have changed my vacation plans if I had known, but still.

It sounds like RobF from Cocked and Locked had a good experience. I'm not surprised that very little came of threats of protests. One of the biggest book signings we had during my time there was Oliver North. People were supposed to protest. No one showed up. Typical. But as RobF points out, you were more likely to find moonbats behind the counter, getting paid to be there, than waving signs and yelling outside. Bookstores seem to attract a lot of left-wing crazies. I was usually the only Republican on the staff. Kind of like at my new job. Kind of like in Pittsburgh. Kind of like at home.

When Rick Santorum lived in Mount Lebanon, he and his wife Karen occasionally shopped at the store. I can remember him pushing his two oldest kids in a double stroller, looking like any other young dad on his day off. We even had a brief conversation once. He walked up with some books and tried to hand me some money. I told him that I couldn't check him out because I was just an information desk; the cash register was upstairs. He looked befuddled and walked away.

When he ran his second campaign for Congress in 1992, both Santorum and his opponent Frank Pecora (in the interest of equal time) were asked to speak at the store. Pecora didn't show up, so Santorum had the floor to himself. I was elsewhere that night, but from what I heard, the only trouble came from an off-duty moonbat co-worker of mine who kept accusing Santorum of killing women by being against abortion, or some such nonsense. He was gracious the whole time.

Ah, memories. The only thing I regret more than missing Santorum that morning is missing Sheik Adnan Alkaissy at the Saint Paul Borders the previous night. I was partying with the MOB. You gotta have priorities, you know.

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