Thursday, August 25, 2005

You Just Know They're Laughing When They're Off Camera

Every guy loves to watch the news on television, and not just because we want to stay informed. Put a pretty face on the TV screen, and we don't care if she's reading the phone book backwards. We are captivated. That's why Fox News is so popular.

This morning, the local morning newsbabe made a verbal gaffe while reporting on a mine fire. The name of the place is "Percy mine", but if I heard correctly, she didn't pronounce the "r" in "Percy". Whoa Nellie! I was still sleepy from getting up early that I almost missed it, but I figured it out when she flashed a big smile and quickly corrected herself by saying it correctly. Being a professional, she continued reading as if nothing had happened. But dang! My mind is still reeling with interpretations of "Percy mine" without the "r". If she weren't so attractive, and if she hadn't smiled the way she did, I would have forgotten it by now.

This reminds me of a similar gaffe by another babe on the same station a few years ago. I didn't hear it myself, but the morning talk show host couldn't wait to replay it on the air the next morning. He told us that the reporter called the then-First Lady "Hillary Rotten Clinton". In his rush to get the clip played on the radio, the host missed what the reporter had actually said: "Hillary Rotten Clit-- Clinton!" Another quick save, but just a second too late. The morning host had a fun new sound byte to play repeatedly for weeks thereafter, and some of us had a funny new nickname for a political adversary.

HILLARY SAYS: Go ahead and laugh while you can! You won't find it so funny when I'm in charge of this country!

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