Thursday, September 15, 2005

As Pure As the Driven Snow

The Buckeye Blonde in the Sunshine State has been "outed" on national radio. Or has she?

If your Significant Other calls a talk show, and tells the host and his listening audience something very personal and private about your relationship, but never mentions anything beyond your ages and his first name, has he truly "outed" you? Even if you make a follow up call to confirm everything that he said about the two of you? Even if you don't give additional identification beyond your own first name?

Even, dare I add, if you are a writing professor who can't spell "superb" properly?

Or does the actual outing occur a little while later when you post the whole story on your blog, where your name and profession(s) are well know to your adoring public? We would have been none the wiser, had The BB in the SS not mentioned it on her blog.

Virgins are such exhibitionists. Go figure.

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