Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Asses Are Sticking Out

Senate Donkeycrats are coming forward to announce whether they will vote for or against John Roberts for Chief Justice of These United States. The names are all too familiar. So are the opinions expressed. How do these clowns keep getting reelected?

Not all of them are against us. And the ones who are with us aren't your typical "maverick" types, anyway:

John Roberts moved closer to confirmation as chief justice of the United States yesterday as the Senate Judiciary Committee's senior Democrat, Sen. Patrick Leahy of Vermont, announced Roberts will get his vote.
But why?

In announcing his support for Roberts, Leahy said that after listening to the nominee testify before the committee he was left "with the understanding that he would not seek to overrule or undercut the right of a right of a woman to choose [on the issue of abortion], and I trust that he's a person of honor and integrity and he'll act accordingly."
Predictable. Demoncrats have judged every single Supreme Court nominee over the last thirty years on the basis of one of the most disgusting "medical procedures" imaginable. Leahy's support isn't based on his respect for Roberts's adherence to constitutional principles -- it's based on Leahy's own adherence to evil.

But Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., who is also on the committee, did not reach the same conclusion and said he will oppose Roberts. In a speech on the Senate floor, he said that Roberts' writings as a young lawyer working in the Reagan White House showed that he was "an aggressive activist" who showed himself ready to "limit the basic values that we have achieved" in civil rights, women's rights and disability rights.
Oh look, it's the Kennedy brother who is eventually going to die of natural causes. Alcohol does wonders when it comes to preserving biological specimens. Or does it? Everything that Kennedy has said in the past twenty years could easily be a tape recorder. How do we know that he hasn't already died and been replaced with a recording of Teddy's Greatest Hits? His last "live" speech must have been the one in 1996 where he called Bill Clinton the "re-elect-a-rubber of the nation".

I laugh whenever someone describes him/her/itself as a "Kennedy Democrat". What does that mean? A fat drunk? An abortionist Catholic? A moralizing womanizer? A lakeside murderer? Maybe Teddy can help explain.

Kennedy added, "Nominees must earn their confirmation by providing us with full knowledge of the values and convictions they will bring to decisions that may profoundly affect our progress as a nation. Judge Roberts has not done so. His repeated allegiance to the rule of law reveals little about the values he would bring to the job of chief justice of the United States."

Now you do know what Teddy means by "rule of law", right? He means the Constitution. But he doesn't know that. He's too busy wiping his ass with it. Teddy is interested in "progress" because he's a Socialist. "Repeated allegiance to the rule of law reveals little about the values" of John Roberts, in Teddy's view, because the Constitution isn't anywhere on Kennedy's radar.

Teddy's young apprentice is on board as well:

Kennedy's colleague, Sen. John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, last year's Democratic presidential nominee, also said he will not support Roberts. He mocked the confirmation process as "little more than an empty shell" because, he said, "there is no real exchange of information between senators and the nominee."

It sounds like he's talking about the 2004 Kerry/Edwards campaign. And here's another confused soul:

On Monday Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he will vote against Roberts but also made clear that he was not making the vote a test of party loyalty and said Democrats should "vote their conscience."
Yeah, right. Suddenly I have a mental image of a dog chasing its own tail. Or an ass trying to pin a tail on its own ass.

I'm looking forward to the next nomination. Bring it on, Mr. President. I want to see the Dems continue to make asses of themselves.

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