Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blameless Buffoonery

Have you ever gotten your car stuck in a patch of mud? You know, the sort of situation where you hit the gas as hard as you can, but the wheels just spin and spin, leaving you sitting behind the wheel feeling frustrated? You wonder what you have done to deserve getting stuck in such a predicament.

I felt that way when I read yesterday's column by the Moist-Towelette's Reg Henry, with my brain in place of the car.

I seriously wanted to fisk this column. I really did. But I couldn't. I could not make out where Reg was coming from. Who the hell was he talking about? What Bush supporters treat the President as if he were their god? The harpies at Free Republic? And why does he play his own version of the "blame game" that he ostensibly condemns by absolving the Governor of Louisiana and Mayor of New Orleans of their responsibilities in the crisis? It's a bad case of "equal and opposite reaction". And then he comes up with one of the most obnoxious paragraphs that I have ever read in a newspaper column:

They said that all the criticism was the predictable work of Bush-haters. That's odd. I, for one, don't hate Bush. Why would I? He gives me such great material. Why, I am looking forward to his third term after martial law is imposed.
It's also one of the most out-of-left field cracks that I have ever encountered. Where did anyone say anything about martial law and -- as Reg implies -- either abolition of Presidential term limits or suspension of the 2008 election. The man is a loony.

Worst of all, Reg ends his column by trying to say something nice about the President. It's a backhanded compliment, to be sure, and it's as much of a non-sequitur as anything else he had to say in the column. He supposedly tries to be funny. He's not. There's too much bitterness in his prose. If a conservative columnist wrote with the same style, the Left would call him "mean-spirited". Reg sounds like an angry man who tries to use humor to relieve his stress and fails.

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