Thursday, September 08, 2005

Bruce Dickinson, Radio Nerd

I'm surprised that Learned Foot hasn't mentioned this one yet. I'll be shocked if he's unaware of it.

Right now, I'm listening to an internet replay of last week's BBC Radio 2 "Masters of Rock" show hosted by Bruce Dickinson. Yes, that Bruce Dickinson, the one from Iron Maiden, who, out of respect for the fans who paid to hear him sing, refrained from storming out early or starting a fight with Sharon Osbourne following the events of the Ozzfest show in California a couple of weeks ago. Now, while I think it's cool that he has his own radio show where he can play some really great rock music, he sounds very much like...well, like a radio announcer. He's very low key. Almost too low key, in fact. It's not Bruce. I don't want to scream for him, I want to sit politely and be quite. Very out of character for him. So is the photo on the show's web site:

Now, the short hair I can live with. He's been getting haircuts for the last six years or so. But the clothes...the way he's sitting with one knee up and his arms wrapped around it, with one wrist clasped in the opposite hand...this isn't Bruce the METAL GOD. This is Bruce, the college kid from down the street who might be a suitable boyfriend for your daughter, if only he learned how to use a comb. In other words, DOES NOT COMPUTE. He looks and sounds like a nerd.

Bruce has another radio show called "Bruce Dickinson Rock Show" on BBC 6 Music. Busy guy. Even managed to find the time to pose for a different photo.

He doesn't look like a heavy metal maniac or a nice kid college student -- more like the guy who sneers when he walks past you in the aisle at Wal-Mart. At least he shows some attitude in this pic. Both shows are worth a listen if you like decent hard rock but can't get it because you live in, say, America, instead of the UK.

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