Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Dew That Drips Downhill

A few minutes ago, I commence my lunch break by visiting the 7-11 across the street for a nice extra-large Slurpee. Hey! The frozen Mountain Dew has a stronger, livelier flavor! It even looks greener. So I fill up, check out, go back to my computer, and read this article.

Uhh...a Slurpee machine would be even easier to "spike" than a bottle. You could affect more people that way.

My Slurpee tastes okay. Very Mountain Dewy. I won't get sick from it. I'll be okay. It won't make me


Honnistaibe said...

I like cherry coke but nothing beats the "dew".
I find myself wondering if she's becoming an old maid while her younger pilot friend is sampling the available flight attendents..
Oh..and Glen Beck..a textbook example of a pious hypocrite rapping himself in the flag and religion after a life of vulgar excesses.
I'm thinking of blowing my blog up. "V" with a straight face just referred me to Michael Moore's site as a source of truth..

Nicko McDave said...

Last year, when Mountain Dew introduced the "Baja Blast" lime-based flavor, it immeidately became my new favorite soft drink ever. Too bad it is only available at Taco Bell -- but of course, I love Taco Bell food anyway. Two great tastes that taste great together!

MB's writings are full of self-deprecation. I was horrified when she referred to herself as a "manless freak" a few weeks ago, but I know from experience that it feels fun to joke about that sort of thing after a long time of not being in a committed relationship.

Michael Moore is like just about any talk show host, left right or center. His main purpose is to entertain, and reinforce other's already-held views. I don't feel particularly threatened by him, nor do I get overly excited by Beck, Limbaugh, or whoever.

"Michael Moore's site as a source of truth..." What a strange thing to say!