Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Gas, Captain.

Last night I went out to buy presents for my little baby's third birthday. My wife had done me the kind favor of leaving the van in the driveway with an almost empty tank of gas. As much as I hated the thought, I knew I had to get gas. Price per gallon was at its lowest since the so-called "price gouge" of hurricane Katrina. But wait! The radio news reader foretold of rising gas prices when hurricane Rita knocks out refineries in Texas! So I stopped at the nearest Sunoco station and pumped the tank full. Gotta get it while it's cheap at $2.69 per gallon.


Someone whack me with a two-by-four. Did I just say that $2.69 gas is cheap? That's it. I think I need to be institutionalized. Or maybe just medicated.

Little baby better really enjoy the Barbie DVDs and cookie cake I bought her.

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