Friday, September 09, 2005

How To Make a One-Party Town

The Republican Party in the city of Pittsburgh hasn't won jack in dozens of years, and they likely never will if the Allegheny County Republican Committee has anything to say about it.

Allegheny County Republican Chairman Bob Glancy has given the boot to Pittsburgh GOP Chairman Bob Hillen.

Glancy removed Hillen as a member of the 1,400-member county Republican Committee because Hillen violated party bylaws by endorsing Democrats for judicial posts in the May primary and refused to accept remedial action, Glancy said Thursday. The action inherently revokes Hillen's position as city chairman, he said.

They can't do that, can they?

Glancy doesn't have the authority to strip him of his chairmanship, he contends. Hillen maintains he can be removed only by vote of the 125-member Pittsburgh Republican Committee, which elected him chairman.
He must have forgotten the "Court of Star Chamber" rule. But here's what really stinks:

One provision of the remedial action Hillen was asked to accept was that he have "no direct contact with the media" for a year without written permission from the county party.
Muzzling your most loyal, most effective Republican in the entire city is always a good strategy. This division within the GOP is better news for the Democrats than Hillen's endorsement of four Dem judicial candidates.

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