Friday, September 02, 2005

How True That Is

After my visit to Minnesota last month, Andy at Residual Forces posted about something I had said during our conversation at Keegan's:

Ohligarchy, a Pennsylvania blogger was in town for a vacation, and swung on through. He was not actually seeking membership, but he was basking in the freedom to rant on Politics with like minds. That’s what I love about Keegan’s too.
Too bad I had to drive hundreds of miles across the midwest to do it. The reason that I was basking in said freedom with the bloggers is that between home and work...there are no "like minds" for me to converse with. An academic library, such as the one where I work, is not exactly a hotbed of conservative thought and free-market philosophy. I avoid all political conversation in order to keep things pleasant. I had lunch with a former co-worker who has been away for a few months. I mentioned that I was not doing any unnecessary driving while gas prices are as high as they are now. He immediately declared that George Bush was profiting, since he is an oil baron. Then he told me that Bush started the war in Iraq by himself. I was worried about where this was going when my friend said "...and he's responsible for the hurricane, too. That's what it said in the blogs, anyway..." Right about there I decided not to comment on anything that he had just said. Was he serious? About any of it? Or just the part about the storm and the blogs?

In the interest of preserving harmony, I changed the subject. Is this what my future professional life holds for me? Avoiding serious conversation with otherwise decent, intelligent people because I am afraid of being on the receiving end of a barking moonbat attack?

I need to get to Minnesota more often.

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