Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Jackass Party At Work

I haven't bothered to watch any coverage of the John Roberts hearings, mainly because between work and family I don't have much chance to watch television, but also because the direction in which the Democratic Senators steer the conversation is predictable. Kennedy and Biden are still a pair of major-league jagoffs. Arlen Specter, RINO from my home state, still deserves to burn in whatever pit of hell is reserved for Democrats.

As the Pittsburgh Moist-Towelette reports, the primary focus of the discussion was not focused on Judge Roberts's legal philosophy in the context of the US Constitution, but on the big A-word: ABORTION.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Arlen Specter led the discussion on abortion rights -- from nearly the moment the hearing began -- and sustained that line of questioning during the 30 minutes he was permitted to question the nominee. The committee's only female member, Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., also focused on abortion issues.
Every time Specter speaks, he grows donkey's ears. This is all he could come up with for thirty minutes? Here's what Specter did:

He held up a towering blue and yellow chart showing 38 cases -- in which he said the court had a chance to overrule Roe v. Wade -- and asked Roberts whether he believed that made it a "super-duper precedent." (Roberts did not answer directly.)
A precedent is a precedent, and in the right circumstances can be overturned. Other than that, the question does not deserve a direct answer. Since Arlen uses the term "super-duper", would I be going too far in suggesting that Specter and his Democrat pals regard the Constitution as a "super-duper pooper scooper"?

Specter asked the nominee whether he agreed that women had been able to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation because of their ability to control their reproductive rights. (Roberts said he did as a "general proposition.")

Roberts is getting wobbly here. Does he really agree, in general or otherwise, that the ability of women "to participate equally in the economic and social life of the nation" has anything to do with abortion? If I were to go around killing innocent helpless people I might be able to participate equally with others in the economic and social life of the prison. Abortion is a vile double-standard. The only reason that Roberts might have answered this way would be to avoid getting bogged down in an irrelevant line of questioning.

He asked whether a woman's right to an abortion was "so embedded" that it had become part of "our national culture." (Roberts declined to answer).
Good for the judge. Specter is a jerk, and didn't deserve and answer for any of these questions.

Up next was a Democrat who (unlike Specter) is honest enough to run as a Democrat -- Senator Joe Biden!

Yesterday, he sparred vigorously with Roberts about how much the nominee should reveal. The Delaware senator, who is exploring a 2008 run for president,lost his patience with Roberts' answers about the memos the nominee wrote as a young lawyer in the Reagan administration on a variety of issues.

After Roberts said repeatedly the memos had not expressed his opinion, but the opinion of the administration, Biden described Roberts' answers as "misleading" and at one point, when pressed by Specter to let Roberts finish his answer, Biden said:

"Go ahead and continue not to answer."

Biden was a jerk at the Souter hearings, at the Thomas hearings, and he's a jerk at the Roberts hearings. He got his answer! Roberts was not self-employed. He had to support his employer's policies. Has Biden ever worked for anyone? Does he know what it is like to be an employee, especially a young one who is looking for possible career advancement? Jackass.

Then Orrin Hatch came along and said some very sensible things. Sanity is a rare things in Democrat-driven hearings like this. Thank you, Senator Hatch.

Ted Kennedy is still Ted Kennedy. All you have to do is look at two words that he spoke:

to know that he's reading off of ten year-old talking points. I first heard the words "mean spirited" when the Republican Congress was elected in 1994 and man, did it become tiresome after a while. No left-wing drone has ever elaborated on what is so mean about conservative constitutional government. They don't have to. It's all about the nanny state. They don't want anyone to muzzle the public teat.

Roberts went to-to-toe with sweaty Teddy, who picked up where Biden left off:

Roberts stressed that as a young lawyer he was not formulating policy, he was "articulating and defending the administration's position." And at the end of one spirited exchange, he charged that Kennedy had not "accurately represented" his positions.
In other words, Kennedy is a fat old drunken womanizing liar. Got it. Afterwards, in response to questioning from South Carolina Republican Lindsey Graham, Roberts spoke out against the concept of cloning justices:

When Graham asked him whether he would be a justice in the mold of Rehnquist, however, Roberts said while he admired the chief justice, "I will have to insist that I will be my own man and I hesitate to be put in anybody's mold," he said.

More details of the hearings, including more left looniness, can be found here.

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