Thursday, September 29, 2005

Less Scientific Than An Online Quiz

The Politics quiz that I just took may have been somewhat skewed and unscientific, but it is a lot more accurate than the means by which Ruth Ann Dailey discovered her leanings in a column entitled "She went to bed one night and woke up a liberal". Instead of taking a test on some web site, RAD relied on an overweight joketeller's "mental flatulence" to find out that she's not the conservative she had long believed herself to be.

Thus my epiphany: Liberal = wanting to help people, conservative = wanting people to suffer. Not to boast, but judging from my checkbook, I'm a liberal, too!
From that sarcastic start, RAD goes on to make some very serious and very accurate observations about the nature of giving in today's social and political climate. Be sure to check out the whole thing. RAD is one of the few things that makes the Moist-Towelette worth reading these days.

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