Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pittsburgh's Moonbat Media, Take One

It's always dangerous territory, but sometimes I just can't help peeking at the editorial section of the Pittsburgh Moist-Towelette...Post-Gazette...whatever. This morning's editorial by Dan Simpson, former US Ambassador to several foreign countries and current Post-Gazette associate editor, manages to tie together all of the major moonbat talking points into one neat package. Apparently John Bolton's presence at the United Nations is connected to the flood relief efforts in New Orleans. And those are both bad things, in Mr. Simpson's world. His very first sentence:

President Bush's grotesque ambassador to the United Nations, the recess appointee John Bolton, is busily trying to demolish the program designed by its member countries over a period of years to try to meet the problem of world poverty.
"Grotesque"?? Is there any reason to believe that this opening statement has to do with anything other than John Bolton's mustache? That mustache bothers the left even more than Marilyn Quayle's hair or Robert Bork's beard. (In case you don't remember, both of those physical features greatly disturbed the Left. They can and will criticize anything about a political opponent.)

As to the "anti-poverty" program itself:

It is supported fully by all of America's allies, including the long-suffering British, led personally by Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Aha! America always lets down it allies, right? That seems to be Mr. Simpson's tone here.

The main message follows:

It is horrible to say, but the Bush administration's slow, inadequate, insensitive response to the tragedy in New Orleans makes what Bolton is doing in New York very clear: These people don't care about poor, non-white, sick, helpless people anywhere, not even in the United States.
I told you he could tie them together. Or, as some would say, "connect the dots, people, connect the dots". More talking points: the Bush administration is classist, racist, healthist, and abilitist. (I don't care if some of those aren't even real words; they will be someday, just watch.) Simpson then goes on to name names, including a particularly ripe target:
And then there is Federal Emergency Management Agency Director Michael D. Brown -- "Brownie" to the president -- whose previous most responsible position before being named to FEMA by Bush had been as a commissioner of the International Arabian Horse Association, where he was in charge of enforcing the rules at the horse shows where the expensive animals are exhibited.
He's a trivial man in a serious position of great responsibility. Or is he? You wouldn't know it from reading this editorial, but "Brownie" has done a whole lot more than just run horse shows. But that wouldn't help make Mr. Simpson's case, now, would it? Besides, those were Arabian horses, implying a sinister connection to Our Friends the Saudis (tm), who undoubtedly gifted the expensive animals to influential oil barons in order to influence US oil policy. Or not.

What of those who lack the means to acquire and show such magnificent beasts?

These people don't understand and don't care a hill of beans about poor people. And in New Orleans the 2000 census showed 27.4 percent of the people as poor; of those poor, an estimated 84 percent were black.
I would say that none of them could afford to own an Arabian horse, either. I would also say that Mr. Simpson still has not shown us any evidence that the inadequate federal response is in any way connection to the ethnicity or economic conditions of the city's populace. Aren't there others besides the President who should shoulder some responsibility? What about the Mayor of New Orleans?
The mayor of New Orleans thinks it might be 10,000, three times the toll of 9/11. The demographics of that tally are likely to be even more painful and revealing, which is to say the number and percentage of African Americans among the dead.
So the mayor's job is to privide statistics. And here I thought that he was a person in a position of great responsibility who could have done something to get people out of the city in the days leading up to the hurricane. If he is, you won't hear about it from Mr. Simpson. Nor will you hear a single word about Governor Blanco. The mayor and the governor are Democrats, and therefore blameless in all things.

A couple of paragraphs later, Mr. Simpson opens his Pandora's box of talking points:

Until Katrina there might have been some reason for them to believe that America's lack of care about world poverty, which puts it 12th among the world's 21 richest nations in aid, had a basis in xenophobia. There is a clear streak of that trait in some Americans' smugness, belief in our superiority, in Bush administration senior officials' sounding off about how we are spreading democracy and our system of government around the world, and the attempted export of other Bush administration dogma -- abstinence and other anti-choice policies, as opposed to an HIV/AIDS policy, as one example.
That's a lot of material to spring on us in just one paragraph. We find selfishness, xenophobia, smugness, superiority, imperialism, and somehow he manages to toss in abortion and AIDS. In my mind's eye I can picture the bat wings flapping out the sides of Mr. Simpson's head.

The majority of the victims of the New Orleans tragedy and the majority of the world's poor resemble each other. The persons displaced by the flooding are predominantly black and poor. The whites of New Orleans had largely fled the vulnerable, low-lying parts of the city that were wiped out.
The former Ambassador is really stretching to make his point here. So now the United States is waging a war on poor blacks worldwide? Refusal to surrender our sovereignty to the United Nations is tantamount to a natural disaster? Was the storm manufactured by the Bush administration as a racist weapon of mass slaughter? I have three things to say about that: Moonbat, moonbat, and of course moonbat.

Wait. Something else is missing. Doesn't Mr. Simpson have something else to add?

The spectacle of President Bush, smirking as he reminisced about the fun he used to have visiting New Orleans as a young man from Houston, perhaps while he was shirking active Vietnam combat duty as a Texas and Alabama National Guardsman, only pointed up the absence of Louisiana and other Gulf Coast Guardsmen fighting his war in Iraq while the worlds of their states floated face-down, literally dead in the water, at home.
Oh yes, how could he leave this out? George Bush is a party animal who dodged the draft by getting into the National Guard during Vietnam! Worst of all -- HE SMIRKS! Just like Mr. Simpson complains. And complains. Doesn't he have any suggestions on how to make things better?

In New York, prior to the U.N. General Assembly, which starts next week, Bush can tell Bolton, another well-to-do white male, to get the United States out of the way and to put it on the side of the program to tackle world poverty, just as his government must now tackle of the problem of New Orleans, late, but never too late.

Yes, Mr. President, please abandon your government's policies and do the bidding of a raving monster loony editorial writer for a leftist newspaper. That's more important than living in a free country.

Reading this piece of art makes me feel like I've just slogged my way through quicksand. But there's one more thing that I should point out; a punch line, if you will. Besides Dan Simpson's extensive experience as a diplomat, what do you think his political background might be?

Mr. Simpson is a lifelong Republican.

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