Monday, September 19, 2005

Sneering At Sensibility

Sometimes you just can't win, no matter what. The PG's Ruth Ann Dailey tried to approach an emotional situation with both reason and understanding, and this is what happened:

That passion and bitterness came in my e-mail last week -- along with thoughtfulness, respectful disagreement and heartfelt gratitude. To oversimplify and separate the responses to my last column into "pro" and "con," your reactions (more than 150 letters) were pretty evenly divided, despite the column's circulation among anti-Bush bloggers and the attendant outpouring of bile.

I argued last week that we should strive for a sober assessment of responsibility post-Katrina; I did not say none should be laid at Bush's feet. I said our society is increasingly polarized between two opposing world views; I did not say that everyone subscribes to one of them.

I distinguished between reasoned criticism and vitriol. Judging from my mail -- "Goebbels," "you are evil," etc. -- some people can't, or don't want to. I proposed the kindest explanation I could think of -- unresolved grief -- for the excessive rage all around us; I didn't say it was the only explanation.

Every time a conservative comments on what Lileks calls "Sudden Bush Hatred Fatigue Syndrome", Bush haters crawl out of the woodwork and prove the commentator's point. To see what all of the fuss was about, look at Dailey's original column here. Is there anything wrong with what she said in that column? Only someone completely submissive to the Moonbat mindset would think so.

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