Monday, September 05, 2005

That Dirty Job That Someone Has To Do

In honor of the Labor Day holiday, this morning's Post-Gazette looks at the jobs performed by some hard-working locals. The most interesting one, hands down, has got to be the lady who cleans portable toilets owned by a company called Mr. John.

She removes the foul-smelling material from the toilet, cleans the whole thing with a solution, replaces the toilet paper, and puts up her initials, a signature of sorts where others before her have left their mark. All of this in under three minutes flat.

This explains a lot. I don't frequent places that have outdoor facilities, but I am amazed at how clean some of them are. Now I know who to shake hands with...NO. Yuck. A simple "thank you" should suffice. Consider the sort of things that she sometimes comes in contact with, including the unexpected:

There was the time that she found a dead possum in the toilet, and had to pull it out by hand and throw it over a hill.
And the things that she sees, presumably without touching:

Sometimes, she opens the door to clean the toilet only to find a man going about his business, and has to wait for him to finish before she can do her job.

Doesn't she knock first? And don't these men know how to use the little latch that locks the door? This lady ought to write a book someday. They stories she could tell would be worth a good read.

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