Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Yes More Nukes

There's an interesting opinion piece in this morning's P-G by energy expert Edgar Berkey on the future of energy in America. Anything is better than sitting around waiting for gas to get cheap again, and Berkey does a fine job of making the case for hydrogen as a good clean source of energy that can be produced cleanly and domestically.

The best part is that the hydrogen can be produced using water, which is found in much more abundant supply than fossil fuels.

The worst part is that, in order to meet the nation's energy demands, we would need to construct more advanced nuclear power plants. Now, I am not against nuclear power plants. They do a fine job of providing electrical power to my home. What I am against is the mass of smelly hippie types who will undoubtedly congregate to voice their unified opposition to construction of these more advanced nuclear power plants.

If you want to fuel your love child van and heat your home with vegetable oil, go ahead. I'd rather go with hydrogen to end our dependence on foreign oil.

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