Friday, October 28, 2005

All Belgians Are Not the Same

Bogus Doug's "war" on Belgians a few weeks ago quickly petered out, undoubtedly due to the oversimplicity of taking aim at such a "fish in a barrel" target as the fine folks living between France and the Netherlands. Besides, the Belgians do not need some American blogger to fight them. They have troubles of their own literally right at home:

Belgium's history of linguistic bickering between Flemings and Walloons entered a new phase this week when police arrested a Flemish woman for calling her Walloon husband lazy, Belgian media said Thursday.

The 48-year-old husband filed a complaint for racism against his spouse for scratching him and calling him "a lazy Walloon, a slave and an inferior creature," De Standaard daily said.

The 47-year-old woman will appear before a magistrate later Thursday to face charges of racism, the newspaper said.

Dutch-speaking Flemings and French-speaking Walloons are not only linguistically divided but also split socio-economically between a prosperous Flanders and a poorer Wallonia.

Racism? I didn't realize that Flemings and Walloons belonged to separate races. Or is that notion written into Belgian law? Just imagine a law like that here in America. My wife and I are pretty congruous as far as ethnicity goes, aside from some Welsh ancestry on her side. When I go home tonight, I might call her "a lazy Taffy, a slob and a low life" just to see if she charges me with racism.

In fact, I encourage all married men to try the same experiment with their spouses this weekend,

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