Thursday, October 13, 2005

American Fuzzball

Peter Mayhew, best known as Chewbacca in four out of six Star Wars movies, is becoming an American citizen. From the BBC:

Peter Mayhew, 60, who played the hairy wookie in the original trilogy and this year's Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, will attend a ceremony on Monday.

Mayhew, who is married to a Texan, qualifies by having been a legal US resident for three years, the period needed for people who wed US citizens.

He said the US was "one of the most wonderful countries in the world".
No doubt about that. New citizens are always proud and happy, never short of platitudes when talking about their new home. Of course, one of the wonderful things about America is the right to hold and express one's own beliefs and feelings. Chewbacca does that right away:

"Whatever people say about America, it is still one of the most wonderful countries in the world, despite the politics, religion and everything else that goes on."
Time for some analysis here. He does not say that America is the most wonderful country, just one of the most wonderful countries. Okay. No problem there. So far so good.

But what's up with the "politics, religion and everything else" bit? Is he saying that America might actually qualify as the undisputed most wonderful country in the world, if certain political and religious elements did not exist here? Why do I get the feeling that I resemble that remark?

Based on my reading of his sentence, I would have to conclude that Chewbacca would prefer America to be a socialist atheocracy. I have to wonder: Is letting this guy become a citizen any different than letting an Islamist killer into the country?

Ah well. If he is going to be spending his life in the United States now, he can go hang out with Hollywood leftist pals like George Lucas and Harrison Ford. Misery loves company, as the saying goes. And I hope their ilk is miserable for many years to come.

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