Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Amish Horse Diapers

From the home state of the leader of the MAWB Squad, we find yet another example of creative anachronism:

LOYAL, Wis. (AP) -- Residents are raising a stink over the growing amount of manure left by Amish horses on buggy trips to this central Wisconsin community, officials say.
It could have happened in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Minnesota, Iowa...plenty of states have Amish communities. Amish horse manure is everywhere. This just happens to be in Wisconsin.

Mayor Randy Anderson said the city handled the issue three years ago with a gentleman's agreement that horses would only use designated roads.

In exchange, the Amish would not be forced to fit their horses with diaper-like devices to catch the manure before it hits the pavement.

Oh please. Not some stupid "gentleman's agreement". Pass a diaper ordinance for horses. Your tourist trade will skyrocket. And all because of three words:

Amish Horse Diapers!

Say it with me: Amish Horse Diapers! Amish Horse Diapers! Amish Horse Diapers!

People from other countries will come to Loyal, Wisconsin, to see the AMISH HORSE DIAPERS.

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