Tuesday, October 18, 2005

As If It Wasn't Already Obvious...

Bill Scranton has officially entered the 2006 race for Governor of Pennsylvania. His positions on fiscal matters are very Republican Party, though he once again emerges as a pro-abortion rights candidate. This is disappointing, but par for the course for many Republicans running statewide in this commonwealth: witness Tom Ridge and Arlen Specter. The other candidates are pro-life. Even Lynn Swann, who doesn't seem to stand for anything yet, has advocated the pro-life position.

I wonder how many people saved their buttons and lawn signs from Scranton's 1986 campaign.

Here's a bit of trivia that points to the likelihood of an Ed Rendell reelection next year:

Mr. Scranton, 58, told the hometown crowd that his campaign would end "Pennsylvania's tradition of automatic re-election."

Since the Pennsylvania Constitution was changed to allow governors to serve second terms, every one, starting with Gov. Milton Shapp, a Democrat elected in 1970, has been re-elected, and each eight-year administration has been followed by one of the opposite party.

Mr. Scranton's father, William W. Scranton, was elected governor in 1962, at a time when the state's chief executives were still limited to a single term.

Whoever wins the Republican primary, let's hope that this "tradition" passes into history like the Presidential death curse. Remember how Ronald Reagan was supposed to die in office because he was elected in a year divisible by twenty? He didn't. I bet the Democrats hated that, just like they'll hate it if Rendell gets limited to one term.

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