Thursday, October 27, 2005

Blogfather? I Gotta Pick a Blogfather?

The other day I dropped by Doug's Blog Bogus Gold and found out about an interesting project that the Politburo Diktat is hosting. Since so many bloggers were inspired or encouraged by established bloggers to begin blogging, the term "blogfather" has come into popular use as a respectful way to describe one's guiding light into the blogosphere. I spent a year thinking about blogging before I took the plunge into Blogger. During that time, I read plenty of blogs and left comments here and there. I discovered Lileks first, but his style of writing convinced me that I would never be much of a writer. After all, he is a professional. I cannot honestly call him my blogfather.

Then, I discovered the other Twin Cities area writers who would become known as the Northern Alliance. These were primarily guys with day jobs, but who blogged as a hobby -- though some of them have since found ways to profit from it. With a little motivation, I thought, I could do that, too.

One blog that especially impressed me was Fraters Libertas. Not only did I become an avid reader, but I found time to fire off an email to the Elder every now and then. He apparently thought enough of what I had to say to post some of my correspondence. Cool! I was published in a blog. But it was someone else's blog. I needed a place of my own to hone my writing skills, which had grown dormant since graduating college fifteen years ago. Thus, back in January, after weeks of trying to decide what to name my blog, I debated Ohligarchy.

I never wanted to assign credit or blame for this blog on anyone else. But if I had to pick someone, it would definitely have to be Chad the Elder at Fraters. If he hadn't published me first, I might never have published myself. It seems that I am in good company: Craig Westover, alias "Captain Fishsticks", is also a "son" of Fraters Libertas.

So thanks to Chad, and here's a photo shout out to my blog-brother at the Saint Paul Pioneer Press:

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