Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Editorial Bile

I made need more than a moist towelette to cleanse myself after reading a pair of typical op-ed pieces in this morning's Pittsburgh Moist-Towelette. Neither of them are worth excerpting, but both a worth a read if someone on the right wants a clear look into the mind of the opposition.

Frequent Bush administration critic and former Ambassador Dan Simpson enumerates, in Sisyphusian style, his top eleven reasons that America sucks. It starts out like a "Why Dan Hates George Bush" list, but peters out at the end, where he is reduced to going after the UN and the Pennsylvania legislature. I would have put those at the top of the list and ended it at two, but then I don't need to go around explaining veins popping out of my forehead like he does.

Mr. Simpson is now embarking upon a visit to Africa, where he has surely always felt more comfortable than in the United States. And where he is undoubtedly more capable of shaping public policy, too.

The other op/ed screed is a guest editorial by a local writer who has not yet given up her day job. Good for her. The start of the piece can be summed up thusly: "I really hate Republicans, but I am just sooo mad at the Democrats, too". And then she proceeds to go on and on about all of the things that the Dems can do to make the country a European-style Socialist superstate. Or, at the very least, a mega-DFL run Minnesota nation. Totalitarianism certainly does appeal to the little people.

High time, I think, for a good shower.

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