Saturday, October 15, 2005

One More Candidacy Couldn't Hurt, Could It?

The field of Republicans looking to unseat Pennsylvania Governor "Fast Eddie" Rendell in next year's gubernatorial race has widened. Thus far we've been looking at William Scranton III, who was Lieutenant Governor twenty years ago; Senator Jeff Piccola, current Majority Whip in the State Senate; and Lynn Swann, a longtime Republican supporter who is best known for his days as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers' championship teams of the 1970s.

Now a new name with considerably less name recognition in Pennsylvania has entered the race: Jim Panyard. This morning I was handed some literature advertising his candidacy and I must say I was impressed. He is running on a conservative platform, and seems like a pull-no-punches kind of guy.

I would love to see someone like him being elected Governor, but I doubt he will make it past the primary. This is, after all, the state -- and the party -- that keeps returning Arlen Specter to the United States Senate. But if you want to see what a real conservative sounds like, be sure to check out the Panyard for Governor web site. It's a good guide for what our candidates ought to be saying in this race, and every race that matters.

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