Monday, October 24, 2005

What, Me Prolific?

For the three or four people who drop by here from time to time looking for something new to read, I would like to offer my humble apologies. I've not been posting as often as I was a month or two ago. It's not the weather, or lack of interest in current events, or anything in my personal life.

It's My Yahoo!

As long as I'm freeloading off of Google by using Blogger, I figured that I might as well shop around for more cool free stuff. So I signed up with Yahoo! Immensely cool. I finally know what to do with those mysterious RSS feeds that I keep encountering. And that, in turn, has helped me find other blogs to keep track of and perhaps add to my blog links someday.

When I get around to that, I am going to categorize my links. And hopefully post more often. Stay tuned.

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