Sunday, November 27, 2005

The Allegheny County Coroner's Office Goes To The Morgue

There's a nice article in the Sunday PG about the soon-to-be obsolete office of Coroner of Allegheny County. Voters chose overwhelmingly to eliminate most county row offices several months ago, and Dr. Cyril Wecht's post is one of the first to go, as each row officer must step down at the expiration of the current term. He would have been up for reelection this year had the measure been defeated at the ballot.

In all likelihood, Dr. Wecht will be appointed to the new position of county medical examiner. No one is better suited for the job than Cyril Wecht. Appointment will be made by County Executive Dan Onorato, a Democrat, and although there's not much difference between being elected by constituents of the local Democratic machine and being appointed by the head of the local Democratic machine, Cyril Wecht has never allowed politics to infect his responsibilities as Coroner. In fact, his biggest political enemies have always been fellow Democrats. We'll see about getting a Republican in there after Cyril retires...and after we elect a Republican County Executive.

The article has more on the office of Coroner, including some fascinating historical information about the history of the Coroner's office going back to Richard the Lionhearted.

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