Thursday, November 10, 2005

Get the H Back Here!

Hugh Hewitt has linked to a blog run by a coffee shop that is about a 15-20 minute walk from my house. Hugh says:

Alas, it appears that this blogger is associated with Pittsburg. No doubt a Steelers' fan. I deeply regret the link.
Normally, I would just keep reading Hugh's blog and move on. After all, I'm not a coffee person so the coffee shop doesn't really impact me one way or the other. And the "Steelers' fan" remark doesn't faze me because I'm not much of a football fan anyway.

But Hugh has done something that deeply offends me, and I feel I must address it. Which Pittsburg is he referring to? There are more than a dozen of them in the United States. And none of them has a football team called the Steelers.

Or does he perhaps mean Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania? You know, the city with the letter H at the end?

I would expect Hugh to know better, considering his interest in his Scots-Irish heritage. Early Pittsburgh was largely settled by Scots-Irish pioneers, including some of my own ancestors. The city was named by a Scotsman, General John Forbes, and that is why Pittsburgh has an H. (There is more information at the Carnegie Library's web site.)

Thus, while my German ancestry would make me feel comfortable with "Pittsburg", it is the Scottish spelling that is correct. Now if I could only convince people to pronounce it "Pitts-burro", as I do, my life's work would be complete.

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