Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Happy Election Day!

Twice a year, I seize the opportunity to catch friends and co-workers off guard by wishing them a "Happy Election Day!" No one ever expects an Election Day greeting. I ought to market my own line of holiday cards based on the occasion.

When I wished a co-worker "Happy Election Day!" this afternoon, he appeared stunned. Quickly recovering, he mentioned that he hadn't thought about voting because he was working out this morning and would be working until after the poll close this evening. Besides, he said, the Pittsburgh mayor's race was decided in the May primary.

Realistically, he was correct -- about that one race. But does he even notice any of the judges or row offices being contested today? Are Pittsburghers really that confident about the local races that they just vote once and go home until next May? This is bad.

Unless, of course, the people who decide to stay home are all Democrats. If that's the case, it's good.

It has been raining intermittently, too. It always does that on Election Day. What's up with that?

I started work at 6:45 this morning and didn't vote until around 4 PM. Voter turnout seemed to be as low as has been predicted (estimated at 33%). The polling place looked like a funeral home for dead guys who didn't have any friends. Needless to say, I was in and out in short order, pausing only to write in a local Republican committeewoman for an uncontested County Council seat.

Chances are, the rest of my votes will be about as successful as that one. We'll see in the morning.

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