Wednesday, November 23, 2005

How Much Is That Panther On the Carousel?

One of the more interesting means of funding that has come along in recent years is naming rights. Most sports arenas and stadiums in America now bear the names of corporate sponsors. Most collegiate football bowl games have commercial monikers. Earlier this month, a local politician even suggested selling the naming rights to Pittsburgh International Airport.

Renaming the airport after a corporate sponsor is a bit much, but as tacky as the practice can be, it is not a bad way to gain sorely needed money for construction and maintenance of edifices that would otherwise rely solely on income taken from taxpayers.

For anyone who is interested and has the money to toss around, the animals on the carousel (currently under construction) at the new park in Schenley Plaza in Pittsburgh's Oakland neighborhood are available for $20,000 each. When I first heard about the project a few months ago, I was worried about the waste of public money going into it.
The park might turn out to be a nice place for folks to visit, but wiping out the prime parking lot in Oakland, right across from the Cathedral of Learning, was a questionable move.

But with donors lining up to pay $20,000 for a single carousel animal, who cares? Better that people be frivolously wasteful with their own money than taxpayers' money.

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