Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Moonbat Dementia At the State Level

Now we move on to the state level, where Democrat victories are being seen as signs of anti-Bush backlash. The signs, I suspect, are being read by hippie shamans wearing tie-dyes and stinking of patchouli oil.

The victors strongly believe this in spite of real-world evidence that it is not so:

In giving Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine an easy victory over Republican Doug Forrester, most New Jersey voters said Bush was not a factor in their choices, according to an AP-Ipsos survey of 1,280 New Jersey voters Tuesday.

Still, Corzine thanked voters "for rejecting the Bush-Rove tactics we see in politics," referring to Karl Rove, the president's top political strategist.

The moonbat obsession with Karl Rove amuses me, because Democrats would probably have won these elections anyway.

And the Democrat won in Virginia because the Republican campaign violated Godwin's Law. Simple as that.

A Kilgore ad alleged that Kaine's opposition to the death penalty meant he would not have executed Adolf Hilter.
Waitaminnit. "Hilter?" That's the Fuehrer-in-exile character from a Monty Python skit. I copied that sentence right out of the AP article. If my gubernatorial candidate went around advocating the judicial murder of John Cleese, I might cross over and vote for the Democrat.

But not next year. The Pennsylvania Senate and Governor races are too important to be caucusing with moonbats.

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